The Team

DJ D-Lux

DJ / Producer / Radio Personality

DJ D-Lux passion for music excels on every level.  This Philadelphian Native has performed at several venues for numerous occasions to include clubs, concerts, radio stations, etc.  He is considered one of the “Most Respected” DJ’s in the business!  DJ D-Lux produces tracks for artists (indie and signed), teaches DJ classes and continues to DJ across the globe!  He knows his music, considers himself to be a hip-hop enthusiast, and his passion grows at extreme heights every day!  DJ D-Lux has won numerous awards and accolades for being one of the best DJ’s on the planet.   Some consider him to be a “tough act to follow”, but he just stays focused on pleasing the crowd.  He can perform for any occasion, any genre of music, at any venue.  DJ D-Lux – “The Most Respected!”

DJ D-Lux quote:
“My objective is to make you become a fan of my work!  If given the opportunity, I will succeed!”  

DJ L Boogie

DJ / Personality / Event Host

From the first time DJ L Boogie scratched a record as a teenager in Queens, NY she was fascinated with the art of DJing. With a passion for all types of music, she found her niche beyond the turntables, whether it was at a park jam or a neighborhood club. Drawing inspiration from many of New York City’s legendary hip hop and disco DJ from iconic clubs such as The Paradise Garage, Xenon, Studio 54 and The Funhouse, she developed her own unique style. Fusing elements of rare grooves, funk, soul, r&b, hip-hop, disco into her sets, L Boogie strives to take her listeners on a musical journey, that stimulates their minds, bodies, and souls. As a successful event DJ in the DC Metro area, she is passionate about sharing her love for great music with all generations of fans.

DJ Lady Dzyre

DJ / Personality / Model / Event Host

DJ Lady Dzyre is the “Funkstress” ….The “Mixtress”.

Beauty, brains and her knowledge of music is what everybody loves about DJ Lady Dzyre.  Currently based out in the Virginia Beach area (the 757), Lady Dzyre is making noise with her skills.  Her resume speaks volumes of what she has done, and what she can do.  From hosting parties, DJing or modeling, when she touches anything, it turns to gold!  Many consider her to be one of the top female DJ’s on the east coast!  When she steps on the scene, she lights up any room!  But when she gets on the turntables, she becomes a whole different animal!  

DJ Lady Dzyre quote:
“I’m the only female DJ you need…..Period!”